Inspector Sun 2022: A Fun and Thrilling Animated Film

Are you looking for a fun and thrilling animated film to watch with your family or friends? If so, you might want to check out Inspector Sun, a new film that combines comedy, mystery, and adventure. The film is based on the Samuel Goldwyn Award winning screenplay by Rocco Pucillo and directed by Julio Soto Gurpide. The film features the voices of Ronny Chieng, Emily Kleimo, Jennifer Childs Greer, and others. Here are some key facts about the film that you should know before you watch it.

What is the film about?

Inspector Sun is a film that follows the adventures of Inspector Sun, a shy and intelligent huntsman spider who works as a detective. He boards a seemingly normal plane for a much-needed vacation, but when an enigmatic millionaire receives a threat on his life, Sun is back on the case. Trapped in a web of lies, Sun must find the culprit before it’s too late. Along the way, he meets Janey, an energetic jumping spider who helps him; Arabella, a black widow spider who is his love interest; and the Red Locust, a villainous locust who is his nemesis.

How can I watch the film?

You have two options to watch Inspector Sun: in theaters or on streaming. The film will be released simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock in the USA on October 27, 2023. Peacock is a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal that offers a variety of movies and shows. You can sign up for Peacock for free or upgrade to a premium plan for more content and features. You can also watch the film for free on Peacock if you claim a free ticket from someone who paid it forward or share free tickets with someone else.

What are the reviews and ratings?

The film has not been released yet, so there are no official reviews or ratings from critics or audiences. However, based on the trailers and teasers that have been released so far, the film seems to be a fun and thrilling animated film that combines comedy, mystery, and adventure. The film also features stunning animation and colorful characters, as well as a witty and clever script. Fans of animation and family films might enjoy this film.

Who are the cast and crew?

The film is directed by Julio Soto Gurpide, who is an award-winning animator and director who has worked on films such as Deep (2017), Animal Crackers (2017), and The Missing Lynx (2008). The film is written by Rocco Pucillo, who is a screenwriter and producer who has won the Samuel Goldwyn Award for his screenplay of Inspector Sun. The film features the voices of Ronny Chieng as Inspector Sun, who is a comedian and actor who has appeared in films such as Crazy Rich Asians (2018), Long Story Short (2021), and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021). The film also features Emily Kleimo as Janey, who is an actress and singer who has appeared in films such as The Last Five Years (2014), Pitch Perfect 3 (2017), and The Wedding Year (2019). The film also features Jennifer Childs Greer as Arabella, who is an actress and voice artist who has appeared in films such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015), The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021), and The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021). The film also features Rich Orlow as the Red Locust, who is an actor and voice artist who has appeared in films such as The Bourne Legacy (2012), Bridge of Spies (2015), and Wonder Wheel (2017).

What are some videos and images from the film?

You can watch some videos and images from the film below:

  • [Official Trailer]: Watch the official trailer of Inspector Sun that introduces the main characters and plot of the film.
  • [Teaser Trailer]: Watch a short teaser trailer of Inspector Sun that shows some scenes from the film.
  • [Image Gallery]: Browse through some images from the film that showcase the animation and character design of the film.

How can I watch Inspector Sun for free?

If you want to watch Inspector Sun for free without paying for a ticket or a subscription, you might have to wait for a while. The film will likely be available on PVOD (Premium Video-On-Demand) in December 2023, which means you can buy or rent it digitally from various platforms. However, if you want to watch it for free, you might have to wait until it becomes available on regular VOD (Video-On-Demand) or on a streaming service that you already have access to. Alternatively, you can try to find a free trial or a promotion for Peacock and watch it there before it expires.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on Inspector Sun 2022 movie. If you are interested in watching it, you can find it in theaters or on Peacock on October 27, 2023 (USA).

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