Full Circle 2023: A Noir Drama Series by Steven Soderbergh

If you are looking for a new series to binge-watch, you might want to check out Full Circle, a noir drama series by Steven Soderbergh that premiered on Max on July 13, 2023. The series is based on the story The Thing on the Doorstep by H.P. Lovecraft and features a star-studded cast of actors such as Claire Danes, Timothy Olyphant, Dennis Quaid, and Zazie Beetz. Here are some key facts about the series that you should know before you watch it.

TitleFull Circle
GenreNoir, Drama, Mystery
CreatorEd Solomon
DirectorSteven Soderbergh
WritersEd Solomon, based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft
CastClaire Danes, Timothy Olyphant, Dennis Quaid, Zazie Beetz, Jharrel Jerome, CCH Pounder, Jim Gaffigan, and others
Release DateJuly 13, 2023 (USA and Peacock)
RatingTV-MA for violence, gore, sexual content and language
Runtime40-59 minutes per episode

What is the series about?

Full Circle is a series that follows an investigation into a botched kidnapping that uncovers long-held secrets connecting multiple characters and cultures in present-day New York City. The series is divided into three parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the case:

  • Part One: The Kidnapping – This part introduces the main characters and the plot of the series. It revolves around the kidnapping of Jared Browne (Ethan Stoddard), the son of a wealthy couple Sam (Claire Danes) and Derek (Timothy Olyphant) Browne. The kidnapper is Aked (Jharrel Jerome), a young man who claims to be the son of Ephraim (Bruce Davison), a cult leader who practiced dark magic and body swapping. Aked demands a ransom of $10 million and a mysterious object called the Charger from the Brownes. Meanwhile, Inspector Mel Harmony (Zazie Beetz), a psychiatrist who specializes in multiple personality disorder, is assigned to the case and tries to find out more about Aked and his motives.
  • Part Two: The Charger – This part delves deeper into the history and mystery of the Charger, a device that can transfer consciousness between bodies. It reveals that Ephraim was obsessed with finding suitable flesh for his soul and used the Charger to swap bodies with his victims. He also had a daughter named Asenath (Barbara Crampton), who inherited his abilities and followed his footsteps. Asenath married Daniel Upton (Johnathon Schaech), a friend of Ephraim’s who was unaware of her true nature. Asenath also had a son named Asa (Judah Lewis), who was actually Ephraim’s soul in a new body. Asa grew up with multiple personalities and was treated by Dr. Elizabeth Derby (Heather Graham), who became fascinated by him and his secrets.
  • Part Three: The Circle – This part brings all the threads together and reveals how the characters are connected in unexpected ways. It shows that Ephraim’s cult had ties with a powerful family called the McCuskers, who were involved in illegal activities and corruption. Jeff McCusker (Dennis Quaid) was the head of the family and had a wife named Kristin (Suzanne Savoy) and a son named Gene (William Sadler). Gene was also a friend of Derek Browne and had an affair with Sam Browne. Gene also hired Manny Broward (Jim Gaffigan), a private investigator, to spy on Derek and Sam. Manny discovered that Derek had a secret past involving Ephraim’s cult and the Charger. Manny also met Savitri Mahabir (CCH Pounder), an immigrant from Guyana who had a connection with Ephraim’s cult as well.

How can I watch the series?

You have two options to watch Full Circle: in theaters or on streaming. The series was released simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock in the USA on July 13, 2023. Peacock is a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal that offers a variety of movies and shows. You can sign up for Peacock for free or upgrade to a premium plan for more content and features. You can also watch the series for free on Peacock if you claim a free ticket from someone who paid it forward or share free tickets with someone else.

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